August 25, 2015

Tackling the commute to Sydney Olympic Park

Over the years, Sydney Olympic Park has progressed into so much more than just an Olympic Games venue - yet the majority of visitors to the park don't know the simplest & most hassle free ways to commute here! Known for it's incredible world class sporting, music & exhibition events, Sydney Olympic Park is much more than a desolate area in Greater Sydney, and we want to share with you the best ways to get to and from the park; 

So here are your top 3 - you can thank us later! 

1. On a major event night, DON'T DRIVE! This will only lead to disappointment at the end of the night, when you and the other 60,000 people decide to drive at the same time. If you are ademant on driving, either a) Carpool or b) Drive to Lidcombe station (the nearest to the park) & catch the 5 minute train direct from there to Olympic Park (head to the SPRINT Platform) or c) Pre book your parking through Sydney Olympic Park Authority! Click here for more info.

2. Catch the train. We know it's less convenient than driving, and can sometimes take longer and you may have to swap trains once, but it is absolutely the most hassle free way to enter & leave the park on a major event night! More often than not there will be direct trains from Central to Olympic Park on these nights, however if not, it's a simple train to Lidcombe, and then to the Sydney Olympic Park line. As mentioned before, if you don't want to catch the train to Lidcombe, then drive, park there at the station & catch the train from Lidcombe to Olympic Park! Simple! 

3. Get dropped off or catch a taxi! Public transport is so readily available on event nights in Sydney Olympic Park - and conveniently located right between the Novotel & Pullman hotels! The most important tip we can give to people looking to come to the park is to plan your trip early, and be prepared to wait around for a bit afterwards. 

We have all the facilities to keep you entertained after a major event, so feel free to hang around and soak up the atmosphere! Or just stay the night ;)