August 25, 2015

"To conference or not to conference?.....That is the question”

If your company, like thousands of companies around Australia, have a product to sell, a service to offer, a skill to teach or an opportunity to promote, then you need to get people together in one place and “do your thing”. Video conferencing is great for people separated by vast distance (London, New York, Mumbai etc) but there is no better way to connect with people, than by having them in the same room as you. Activating all the senses at a meeting is without doubt the most effective way to connect. By being together, you can see the new product you are launching, feel the vibe as the sales team is beaming with excitement at the annual kick-off sales meeting, taste the new product range that you are about to launch, discuss the new ideas that will become the “next big thing”. This is why most hotels have conference facilities, so that your company can become a real team and work from the same page. Creating a team spirit is essential to the success of any company. Working with a common goal and sharing the load makes lifting the company to success so much easier. It’s hard to do that if you are on the other end of a Skype video call.

Focusing the message is also a big advantage of holding your sales conference, product launch or learning session at one of our hotels. By holding the conference or meeting away from your office means your staff or delegates are not distracted by “popping upstairs to my office to check emails” or “I have to go grab some things from the shops” never to be seen again (until they come back for the big dinner that night). By removing them from their work environment and creating a dedicated forum for learning, sharing, education or entertainment, ensures that your message is making the maximum impact to the people that matter.....your team. Located in the true geographical centre of Sydney, in the most famous Olympic precinct in Australia, gives you a huge range of options when it comes to offsite dinners and events. We have all the big venues right next door, the Olympic Aquatic Centre, ANZ stadium, Allphones Arena, The Sydney Showground, Spotless Stadium just to name a few. So if you need a unique activity such as riding Segway around the Armoury, or doing a bridge-climb style walk around the top rim of ANZ Stadium, we can arrange it and incorporate into a seamless program for your delegates.

Novotel Sydney Olympic Park specialises in creating bespoke conferencing solutions to meet your specific needs. Our professional and pro-active conference team work with you to ensure your aims are met and that your conference with us is a HUGE success. Our creativity and attention to detail, along with our famous customer service, mean that you will have the best people working toward the success of your event. Our job is to make your job as easy as possible. It’s what we do, and we want to do it for you. Your success at putting on a conference or event means that we have also succeeded. It’s what we do best. We love doing it & would love to show you. So give our conference team a call, or send us an email today, and let us show you why conferencing at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park is a brilliant choice. The best advertising is word of mouth. So once you have conference with us, you will Novotel everybody.