October 17, 2016

What to pack up if you are planning to visit Sydney this year

Planning to visit Sydney? We have put together a handy all-year guide on packing essentials to make the planning easier.

Check the weather

Generally, you can expect warm summers and mild winters with a climate that rarely gets cold and is only ‘too hot’ for a few weeks of the year.

December to February – Summer in Sydney is warm, not too humid and not very wet. So pack your bikini, shorts and light clothes for when you have your cocktail or two while soaking up the sun on Novotel’s terraces or outside at the brewery.

March to May – Late summer warmth carries through to the end of March but expect cooler night times and a slightly cooler (23°C) but still very pleasant temperature throughout Autumn. Pack something a little warmer for the evenings and don’t plan on non-stop tanning.

June to August – Winter can have temperatures as high as 19°C during the day and as low as 5°C at night. So although you probably won’t need it, pack a scarf and some warm socks just in case. You could also keep warm with a hot chocolate or latte from Boulevard Brasserie and Bar.

September to November – Spring warmth starts in August with temperatures that can go as high as 27°C but are more typically around the low twenties. Spring time in Sydney is definitely the time of year to be prepared for every condition as weather can change quickly. Pack everything from a light coat and shoes to shorts and sandals. 

TIP: Rolling your clothes will allow for more room in your suitcase and who wouldn’t like extra space for all the shopping!

Light weight packing

Whether you are here for work or play in Sydney it is important to pack right. Some handy tips for light weight travel:

Luggage - Your bag needs to be well designed and strong enough for multiple means of transport. Have a look at the modern bags and suitcases which can be much lighter, durable and easier to carry.

A day bag is also important. Either a shoulder bag or backpack is easier to carry for day trips and will not limit where you are able to explore

Toiletries - Leave all your heavy glasses at home, and make use of plastic travel bottles or sample sizes for all your favourite toiletries.  Handy tip: most hotels have hairdryers and toiletries, so enquire ahead.

Equipment - Carry a lightweight tablet or kindle which you can download travel apps, rather than lugging around a heavy laptop or numerous books. Handy tip: ensure your mobile is on international roaming before you leave! 

Power up!

Mains voltage in Australia is 230V, which is fine if you are coming from Africa, Europe or Asia. If you are travelling from the USA you should find out about a suitable voltage convertor.

Australian plug sockets look a bit different than probably what you are used to, so don’t forget your plug adapter.

Cash or Card?

If you’re flying in to Australia from overseas then you’ll want to know a little about currency, prices and tips.

Currency - The Australian dollar

How Much? - Sydney, like any big city has very affordable places to eat, drink, stay and shop as well as some places that will definitely involve your credit card. There are some great places to stay in Sydney that offer superb value for money.

To Tip or Not To Tip - it’s not as expected as in places like the United States, but if you receive good service a tip is always appreciated.

Options - Sydney is ahead of the curve when it comes to modern payment options like NFC, but check your card or device supports it and it’s always a good idea to let your bank know if you are coming from abroad. 

Are we there yet?

If you’re travelling to Sydney with kids, then be prepared to keep them entertained. Whether you’re arriving by plane, train or automobile we recommend the following to keep the kids happy and the parents sane:

Games - pack colouring books and travel friendly board games or download some a bunch of new apps and games to keep them distracted.

Snacks - a few toilet stops are inevitable wherever you are coming from, but limit food stops with some healthy snacks that won’t give them a sugar rush!

Comfy - kids fidget a lot, so keep them warm and comfy and hopefully they’ll fall off to sleep and arrive fresh and happy.

Leave it out

Just in case your Aunt Janice asks you to bring along her favourite plant clippings for her sister, or you’re tempted to pack some exotic delicacy for your friends to try – don’t. Australia has very strict import and export laws. Because it’s an island we take protecting our flora and fauna very seriously. So please just double check that what you are bringing in is permitted. If in doubt – leave it out.

Finally: Don’t forget your passport – it sounds cliché, but always double check it’s safely in your bag.