August 26, 2016

Spring into the Park!

As the weather warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, make your way down to Sydney Olympic Park to experience the urban oasis of beautiful landscapes and magnificent wildlife. You can hire a bike from the driveway of Novotel Sydney Olympic Park or if you’re a local bring your own and why not even pack a picnic for the whole family.

Take a ride through the Badu mangroves, have a picnic at Bicentennial Park or simply cruise around and admire the local architecture. Here is a few of our favourite spots to explore:

Brickpit Ring Walk

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Take a walk around the historic Brickpit ‘Pond’ on the soaring circular walkway 18.5 meters high with a bird’s eye view of the tiny residents including special resident the Green and Golden bell frog. This endangered beauty has made Brickpit its home. Listen to the soundscapes of frog and bird calls as well as the voices of the past Brickpit workers recounting their experiences and the history of the Sydney area.

Mangrove Boardwalk

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Mangrove forest along the Parramatta River is the perfect place for bird watching; here you’ll spot different species including the Yellow Thornbill, Silvereye and Grey Fantail bird. Walk along the floating wooden boardwalk and have a look for the crabs and snails hiding in the muddy shore below.

Newington Armory

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One of Sydney’s most unique heritage precincts, Newington Armory has a range of activities for the whole family including guided heritage railway discovery tours, explore the arts in the Armory Gallery or have fun riding a Segway and visit the Birdlife Discovery Centre.

Maybe even check out the Kids in the Park film festival during the spring school holidays presented at the Armory Theatre showcasing a selection of International short films for children, made by adults and children.

Bicentennial Park

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A diverse and natural treat of the area, Bicentennial Park combines the Badu Mangroves wetlands and 40 hectares of gentle hill land and lakeside meadows perfect for a relaxing picnic. Explore the adventure playground for kids with its sandpit, climbing frame and swings. Make sure to ponder around the metal sculpture of the ‘Peace Monument’ or refine your time telling skills with the large sundial nearby.

While on your bikes, challenge the crew to an Amazing Chase around the Park. Use the maps which can be found on the Sydney Olympic Park website to assist you in locating checkpoints, along with questions and puzzles that are sure to put your mind at work. You can choose from two routes including Bicentennial Park or Newington Armory and surrounds.

Grab some food, water and friends to start exploring the beautiful nature of the park this spring!