Inbalance Meetings at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park

Novotel InBalance provides the ideal setting for a high performance health and wellbeing conference experience.  Clients can choose to incorporate nutritional content, more high energy time out activities and team building experiences to forge a greater connection and collaboration between meeting participants.

Breathe Deep & Unwind

At the end of your day review what you have achieved and be sure to reward yourself. Have a good stretch, find a quiet space and relax... Take in a few deep, cleansing breaths. Congratulate yourself on a day well-lived.  

Creating balance means taking some time out to clear the mind and renew energy. Time out activities have been incorporated into the InBalance Meetings experience to keep delegates upbeat and engaged with the meeting agenda. From high energy workouts to gentle stretch routines, there is something for every level of fitness and meeting agenda.

• Virtual head to toe 12 minute yoga stretch, a low impact routine that can be done in business attire whilst listening to a meditation on how to incorporate balance into your day to day life
• Meditainment, a 20 minute audio-visual relaxation experience using multi-sensory techniques to clear the mind so you can focus on the task ahead
• InBalance local area maps so you can go for a 20 minute walk or run to revive the senses, relieve stress and get the creative juices flowing again
• Plus a range of more rigorous fitness and team building activities, designed for high energy meeting participants

Learn how to expect the unexpected with InBalance Meetings

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