Inbalance Meetings at Novotel Sydney Olympic Park

Novotel InBalance provides the ideal setting for a high performance health and wellbeing conference experience.  Clients can choose to incorporate nutritional content, more high energy time out activities and team building experiences to forge a greater connection and collaboration between meeting participants.

  • 5 Tips To Achieving Work-Life Balance

    The concept of work-life balance is nothing new - achieving proper balance between your career and lifestyle (health, pleasure, leisure and family) is a concept that many have been striving after for decades. In today’s fast-paced career-driven world achieving proper work-life balance is no easy feat, but with the help of these 5 top tips you’ll be well on your way to giving both your career and well-being a well-earned boost.

    1. Work Smart – Work smart, not long. This means tight prioritisation is essential. Allocate a certain amount of time for each task and try not to get too involved with the less productive activities in your working day.

    2. Set The Rules – Rely on your own intuition, after all who knows you better than you do! Why not try working from home? Say no to working late and on your weekends. And rather than going out for a business meeting how about a virtual one over Skype?

    3. Take A Break – Make sure to take proper breaks at work, ensuring you have at least 30 minutes at lunch. Proper nourishment is essential not only to your health but also for productive working.

    4. Leave Work At Work – At the end of your working day leave your work where it is. Why not write yourself a list of your outstanding tasks or any work things that are on your mind, then shut the diary and close the laptop. The action of shutting down your computer and closing your diary gives you a satisfying sense of end-of-day closure.

    5. Exercise And Relax – It’s no myth that exercise reduces stress, so take time out of your daily routine for a few minutes of exercise. You’ll feel far more refreshed and upbeat afterwards. Relaxation and meditation are also essential, allowing you time to clear mind and breathe.

    InBalance Spaces - Novotel InBalance at Sydney Olympic Park is all about providing you with a high performance health and wellbeing conference experience, giving you the chance to pause and reflect on what creates balance in a demanding world of business. Unlike standard meeting rooms InBalance Meetings provide a whole new, unique and flexible meeting experience designed to encourage and inspire inventiveness, creativity and connection. To enhance thinking ability and meeting productivity InBalance Nurture Yourself menus provide a clean, whole food cuisine specifically designed to support concentration and sustain productivity. At the end of the day take time to stretch out and indulge in quiet relaxation where you can clear your mind and renew your energy at one of the InBalance activities, including gentle yoga routines or high energy workouts. With over 430 hectares of natural beauty throughout the parklands at Sydney Olympic Park and 10 world class venues, there’s plenty of space to take a step back and be inspired.


    What are your goals? Life balance comes from consideration of your goals and prioritising them. Decide what your goals are and how they align with your values. Organise your life to avoid being overwhelmed by too many goals and not having enough time to achieve them. 

    At Novotel Sydney Olympic Park, your arrival is the critical point at which you'll emotionally connect with our brand. A series of inspiring elements from the pre-function area to the meeting room gives you, the guest, an opportunity to pause and reflect on what creates balance in a fast-paced, demanding world. From this initial arrival experience each participant will feel more inspired to personally engage and contribute to the meeting agenda.


    • InBalance Meetings logo wall creates the initial arrival experience and navigates your delegates
    • Inspirational quote wall will inspire a sense of individual purpose and set the scene for the InBalance Meetings experience


    • Nature scene to promote balance with the outside world - most of our rooms overlook Sydney Olympic Park
    • Novotel brand colour decals to reaffirm a creative space that is uplifting and energising, the light colours create calmess and promote energy for your meetings.

    Find out how to plan & connect with InBalance Meetings

    To find out more about InBalance Meetings concept, contact our friendly sales team here

  • Plan & Connect

    Organisation is the key to connecting with your work colleagues and ensuring you have enough time to enjoy life.

    Planning ahead will allow you to be more effective at work while giving you the time you need to rest and recharge your batteries.

    InBalance Meetings provide a new, unique experience that offers something different rom the standard room set up.  We know the ideals you are looking to cultivate: inventiveness, creativity, connection. Designed to help foster these ideals, InBalance Meetings provides a comfortable, flexible space that can adapt to almost any type of meeting. 

    We can provide the below options to assist with planning and connecting within your meeting:

    • Break out pod for small group work requiring deeper thinking and collaboration
    • Magnetic glass writing boards and flipcharts to capture ideas and support the brainstorming, problem solving process
    • Fitballs and yoga mats to facilitate a relaxed environment and as props for the timeout sessions
    • Mini bar fridge with bottled water to ensure delegates stay hydrated and alert

    Find out how to nurture yourself with InBalance Meetings

    To find out more about InBalance Meetings concept, contact our friendly sales team here

  • Nuture Yourself

    Bodies in balance are happier and more productive. To help delegates perform at their best, InBalance Meetings includes a Nurture Yourself food menu curated by renowned nutritionist Michele Chevalley-Hedge ( The menus have been created with clean, whole food ingredients with minimal sugar to support concentration and sustain productivity.  Healthy fats have been incorporated to support brain functioning and different types of hot and cold beverages will keep delegates hydrated between meal periods.  

    • Chef’s selection of main meals and salads
    • Healthy morning and afternoon tea break options
    • Inspiring upsell options served at any time of the day to boost energy

    Find out best way to breathe and unwind with InBalance Meetings

    To find out more about InBalance Meetings concept, contact our friendly sales team here

  • Breathe Deep & Unwind

    At the end of your day review what you have achieved and be sure to reward yourself. Have a good stretch, find a quiet space and relax... Take in a few deep, cleansing breaths. Congratulate yourself on a day well-lived.  

    Creating balance means taking some time out to clear the mind and renew energy. Time out activities have been incorporated into the InBalance Meetings experience to keep delegates upbeat and engaged with the meeting agenda. From high energy workouts to gentle stretch routines, there is something for every level of fitness and meeting agenda.

    • Virtual head to toe 12 minute yoga stretch, a low impact routine that can be done in business attire whilst listening to a meditation on how to incorporate balance into your day to day life
    • Meditainment, a 20 minute audio-visual relaxation experience using multi-sensory techniques to clear the mind so you can focus on the task ahead
    • InBalance local area maps so you can go for a 20 minute walk or run to revive the senses, relieve stress and get the creative juices flowing again
    • Plus a range of more rigorous fitness and team building activities, designed for high energy meeting participants

    Learn how to expect the unexpected with InBalance Meetings

    To find out more about InBalance Meetings concept, contact our friendly sales team here

  • Expect the Unexpected

    Life is full of ups and downs. The ability to realise that the highs and the lows is what life is all about will make you feel less stressed and have a more balanced approach. Expect the unexpected, take a step back, think it through. Be inspired.

    Continue the journey with team building activities and exploration of Sydney Olympic Park.

    To find out more about InBalance Meetings concept, contact our friendly sales team here

  • Sydney Olympic Park

    With over 430 hectares of natural beauty throughout the parklands and 10 world class venues, Sydney Olympic Park truly is built for events and a place for everyone.

    Located just over 30 minutes from the Sydney CBD, Sydney Olympic Park is easily accessible by rail, coach, ferry or car.

    Let us play with your thought bubble:

    - Diving displays, floating stages, fireworks or high energy spectacular water entertainment

    - Authentic Aussie Outback themed dinners with sheep shearing or whip cracking

    - High Tea with your own private singer

    - Cocktails on ANZ Stadiums playing field

    - Set your goals high in the sky flying trapeze

    - Arrive by private boat from the CBD to Sydney Olympic Park wharf

    Its amazing some of the events you can execute here in the one place!

    Aside from the fun, what set us apart from other beautiful destinations?

    1. We truly can cater to any need. The sky is the limit, whether it’s a small meeting or a large scale production we can tailor and accommodate to all

    2. If privacy and exclusivity is your goal we can accommodate full buy outs

    3. We are a retreat destination without having to spend hours on a bus or plane to get here. If you consider destinations like the Hunter Valley, Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Central Coast we would love you to give us a try. We really can showcase a great retreat without the price tag attached

    4. Unique Spaces – We understand that whilst having a versatile conference space is important there also is the need to create spaces that have a point of difference. Whether you have dinner under the stars, German Christmas Markets, buy out the Brewery, there are many options that can be utilised within the park

    5. Fresh air and wide opens spaces!

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